Colitis: A crappy diagnosis

After years of bloody, mucous-y stool, ongoing constipation, a constant sensation of always having to ‘go’, and excruciating cramping…like the kind where I would pray to baby Jesus, Allah, Hare Krishna, Buddha and any other deity I could think of, all the while sweating and not knowing if I was going to pass out or throw up first…an answer.  Colitis.

If I was going to be diagnosed with a C word, I’m relieved it was this one…not ‘gonna go kiss the ground’ relieved but relieved nonetheless.

I will no longer say “I have Colitis”.  I’ve decided to not make this part of my’s merely part of my journey. I want to let this shit go and that’s that.

I’ve set the intention that I will:

-travel freely and confidently

-hang out with my friends whenever I want

-have boundless amounts of energy

-create a meal plan that is easy, fun, flavorful and honors the environment and all living creatures

Here’s to living on purpose and out loud…